Our Story
Our Story
At the Impact Nation, we embody faith, love, and growth. As our name indicates, we are a growing body of dynamic believers unified to positively affect and leave a lasting impression in the lives of the people and communities we serve by striking ideas and concepts that are contrary to God’s original thought and showing the love of Christ in our everyday actions. Whether we are hosting a Bible study, donating to a local soup kitchen, or taking a family cruise, it is all done with one thing in mind – change.

Take a look in the Bible and you will see that it is filled with stories of change. Perhaps one of the most notable is the story of Paul. After a life-changing experience with God, he was able to impact the world around him in the same manner in which he was impacted. That is what Impact Nation is all about – helping you to reach that life-changing experience with God through practical Bible-based teachings, outreach and fellowship so you can live your best life and in turn help others do the same. 

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