“Doctors said we would never have a baby” - We were told by several doctors to become comfortable with the fact that "some" women just are not meant to be mothers. After three miscarriages and one early birth resulting in our son only living for 20 seconds, it seemed they were right. We were invited to IMPACT by a close friend, and after being connected to the ministry, trusting God and holding on to His promise, we have a healthy, vibrant, active three-year-old. ~ The Bowies


“I thought street life was my only option” -
I was a very successful drug dealer. Real talk, I ran the streets. Thanks to a persistent friend, I visited IMPACT, and my life was changed forever. It didn’t happen overnight, but that visit started a chain of events that helped me transform my life. Now, with Christ and the love and support of the Impact Nation, I’m a successful businessman and owner of a nonprofit that is helping to better my community. I’m a devoted husband and father who provides for his family stress free. I’m the man I always dreamt I could be. ~ Cassius


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