Growing & Working In the Ministry

Here at Impact Nation, we encourage all of our members grow and maximize what

God has placed in your hands. GROW is defined as “to spring up and develop to

maturity". Staying underneath the word of God grows you into maturity. Once maturity

is reached, God can release you to go forth to fulfill his purpose for your life.

A child may be born into a well to do family and may possess much wealth, but at birth he does not realize this fact neither is it important to him. He must first be sure all his basic necessities are met.

• The child must be protected - Being born into a world of many enemies; a

newborn is handled with great care. As a physician handles a newborn babe

with care, likewise, we are indebted to do the same with you.

• The child must be nourished - We believe that it is essential that you grow and

be fed in the Word of God corporately and individually. As new members you

will find out through the Word how to fulfill the overall vision of this house, as

well as discover your individual destiny. (1 Tim. 4:6)


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